BYOND Sources


When you purchase please add special instructions to the seller in there say the email you  want the source sent to. It will be sent by email as a zip file which you can open with winrar. We are not responsible for how sources are used though we recommend learning purposes because original games are always better!!! But its cool to see how other people code right?

Naruto Revolution Source
Size unzipped 20.1 MB
Last updated 5/27/08
Much like Naruto Ninja Kaisen except this game has much much more in it so if you want
less coding to do but want icons not seen before then this is a good game for you.
Naruto Ninja Kaisen Source

Size unzipped 12.9 MB
Last updated 3/24/2007

Most Naruto games are from NBOTLS but this one is very much different. It is a new source
entirely and VERY HARD TO GET!!!! Use this one if you wana start basic but if you want a lot
more get Naruto Ninja Revolution. ;)
Shaman King Online Source
Size unzipped 28.2 MB
Last updated 8/10/07
It took me a lot of connecttions and a long time to get this source it is extremely hard to get
and discontinued has very useful stuff.  This is a fantastic oppurtinity so don't
miss out on this nearly impossible to get source!!
Bleach Resolve Source
Size unzipped 49.8 MB
Last updated 6/8/2008
While most sources are based on BSoC this source is very difficult to find. However the
catch is that it has a few bugs in it. Because of this this hard to find source is availible at 
a very low price!!
Dragonball Savages Source
Size unzipped 11.8 MB
Last updated 3/5/08
A game using the source of Zeta but has been updated a lot since if you want a game like Zeta but
if you want more features too then this is the game for you.
Dragonball Zeta Source
Size unzipped 8.01 MB
Last updated 1/14/03
The original Dragonball game it is very old but not many people use this source so it may be a
good idea to use this source to make a game.